1) Dr. Anand Saxena Award: Best Paper Award for Presentation by a Single Author.

2) Dr. J. L. Arya Award: Best Paper in Community Ophthalmology.

3) Dr. Vijay Mehra Award: Best Paper about Human Lens & its Management.

4) Dr. P. S. Patel Award: Best Paper for Innovation in Ophthalmology.

5) Dr. Madan Deshpande Award: Best Video Presentation.

6) Dr. V. S. Bath Award: Best Paper in Posterior Segment .

7) Dr. Awadhesh Dixit Award: Best Paper in Glaucoma.

8) Dr. S. Mishra Award: Eye Surgeon who does the Maximum Number of Cataract Surgeries in that Year.

9) Dr. Sarita Choudhary Award: Best Paper in Cornea .

10) Dr. Kiran Agrawal Award: Best Post Graduate Scientific Paper (for Provisional CSOS Members only)

11) Dr. Harsh Gupta Award: Best Scientific ‘e’ Poster.

12) Dr. P K Mukherjee Award: Best Paper Orbit & Oculoplasty.

13) Dr. Vijay Ukey Award: Best Paper Paediatric Ophthalmology.

14) Nabyaji Suyavanshi Award: Exemplary Work done by an Ophthalmologist in Rural Area.

15) Dr.R.A.Siddiqui Award : “Best Paper Of The Conference” (A.I.O.S. Recommendation from C.S.O.S. for Presentation in forthcoming A.I.O.C.)


1. Any life member of CSOS, with no society dues, will be eligible for presenting a Scientific Paper/Video/e Poster and shall be entitled to be considered for the award. Any non member including PG if wants to present Scientific Paper/Video/e Poster in conference should first apply for CSOS membership and attach a copy of CSOS receipt. PG/Residents who are CSOS provisional life member are only eligible for Dr Kiran Agrawal award. Please note that there is no award for PG/ Resident’s video or e poster instituted at present but they may be allowed to present in conference only as a non competitive participants. PG/Resident paper in category of other awards will neither be counted as a valid paper eligible, nor will it be counted to fulfill the minimum valid papers number criteria.

2. Presenter has to get registered as delegate for the conference.

3. Recipient of awards shall be selected and recommended by Award Evaluation Committee appointed by scientific committee of CSOS.

4. Any member related to author / co-author of the scientific presentation shall not be a part of Award Evaluation Committee.

5. A member can participate in all different categories of awards, but number of scientific presentation shall not be more than one in each category.

6. Author’s one scientific presentation shall be considered for award in one category only (Except for Dr. R.A.SiddiquiAward, Best Paper of the Conference)

7. Any award shall be considered only if more than (3) contest eligible scientific presentations are made in that category (except Dr. P. S. Patel award for Innovation) otherwise the award shall be deferred.

8. In case of suitable recipient is not found an award shall be deferred for that particular year.

9. For all awards, the study/work should have been conducted in Chhattisgarh state only within last 5 years of submission.

10. All presentation will be of 8 minutes duration, followed by 2 minutes for discussion.

11. Presentation of the paper will be judged on the basis of Content, Preparation, Presentation Skills, Time Punctuality, Take Home Message, Discussion & Answering the questions.

12. No award shall be given twice to the same person in same category of award within 3 years.

13. All awards shall be given every year and will carry a certificate and a medal.

14. Authors can opt to apply for different Categories but the Scientific Committee hasthe discretion to place it in a suitable category for presentation.

15. Only Single Author Papers will be eligible for Dr Anand Saxena Award.

16. Winner paper amongst selected papers of various categories presented in a specially organized ‘Best of the best session’ will be recommended for AIOS conference representing CSOS (the maximum marks obtaining paper). If accepted, AIOS may provide free registration and reimbursement of travel & stay expenses to the presenter.

17. This session will be judged by different panel of judges constituted by scientific committee for this session.

18. Best Video, e Poster and PG/Resident student paper shall not be eligible for competition for this award.

19. The decision of Scientific Committee shall be final. Any grievances related to violation of laid down rules of awards need to be submitted in writing to the President of CSOS.